[Silly Little Cars] Defrost, struts and Moto-Guzzi

DanTuel dantuel at frontiernet.net
Sun May 26 15:21:32 PDT 2013

Have you pulled the das top off and checked that the ductwork is hooked up correctly to the defroster outlet? That could be your problem. Another thing could be your heater selector knob coulkd be frozen and not letting all warm the air go to the defroster. My 1994 Interceptor defrosters work well. 

That home made Moto Guzzi is most likely based on some of the old european cars. Some of the names escape me now but there was a time in europe that 3 wheeled cars were considered motorcycles and escaped the taxes/levies on cars. I have seen them with Old Knucklehead Harley Motors and Indian Motors mounted on the front like that. I'm sure there were laso some BMW motorcycle motors as well. Heck maybe even a Moto Guzzi or 2 :-) At any rate its a cute silly little car.
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